The older Aveline misses her childhood. There were certain times when I was miserable, my childhood memory in Southern California replays itself. Contradictions between my imagination and the reality brought up a sense of awkwardness that is often hard to digest as the age progressed. The memory of California sunshine and summer bubbles around our apartment calmed me down. I miss the pure happiness in my childhood. There was absolutely no second thought nor hidden agenda at the time. There was only feelings of happiness chasing after bunnies and playing with roly-poly and lady bugs.

AWS Fargate has gotten more and more attention these days. Serverless has become the trend. Fargate as an API Service can surely extended itself with Application Elastic Balancer. Fargate itself can be extended horizontally, i.e. adding more number of tasks, with the measure of CPUUtilization and MemoryUtilization preset CloudWatch alarms…

Ava Chen

The ultimate sophistication is to be true to yourself.

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